About Habinfo.ml

Habinfo.ml is a Habbo fansite that lets you easily look through all your Habbo information and those of your friends.

Through the use of our Habinfo system we are able to store data from your Habbo Profile, for this we are using the public Habbo API, the same one that Habbo uses for their profiles.


A widget is what we like to call a page of information or a page with a small little tool, that can give you extra information.

So while the Habinfo system gathers the raw data needed, the widgets will show you amazing things and can become rather creative.


At the moment you can contact us through email: [email protected]


Because there is no way to query Habbo search results directly we have to rely on our Habinfo system to gather data.
The system works well, but has to be filled by Habbos like you. Searching for Habbos will help the site a lot.

These are some of the limitations:

  • System If Habbos have a closed profile, we don't know much about them

Frequently asked questions

How does get all their data?
We use the public (but undocumented) Habbo API that Habbo uses for their /profile pages and the open source HabboAPI JS wrapper.